Sakura Hypertonic Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask 5 Pcs

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Together with the advanced absorbency of hundred % plant derived high grade nonwoven Tencel epidermis, a sheet which often surrounds your skin with a delicate surface as silk enters into closer touch with your skin layer. Provide moisture content and gloss to rich within the skin of yours (stratum corneum), prepare the texture of yours and keep skin in good condition. Specifically for individuals who are stressed with skin which is dried out, those people who actually would like to concentrate on time & time, whitening, moisturizing, ageing management. Advisable mask for individuals hoping to handle all-in-one treatments. Lotion + heart + milk performance condensed into just one piece. Features moisture content ingredients: EGF, fullerene, squalane, placenta, cherry leaf extract, licorice root extract, triple helix collagen, 3 hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin. How you can utilize: Put it to use for cleaning skin after cleansing. Open the bag and remove the seat mask. Place the eyes as well as lips elements to the face of yours and get rid of the mask after aproximatelly five-ten minutes.

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