Milky Fit Fluid Spf 28 Pa++ 4 Types

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Hard and moist to collapse semi mat skin easily. The freshness really wants to apply to daily. Match as in case you can aspirate, cover pores as well as dullness. It's a beauty essence foundation which usually finishes as surface as souffle that's moist but soft. Fits like it deals with pores as well as dullness, may keep good nice semi matte skin for some time now. It's an unique feeling that you wish to put on daily with surface similar to milky lotion. Smooth and moist, with a complex feel, finely detailed semi matting skin is continued. Liquid beginner is not hard to use, surface similar to milky lotion is OK with no base. Though it's a small membrane, coverage pores of the skin as well as dullness with one single color. The magnificence heart compound in is rich and moist finish. Moisturizing vitamin C as well as lipidure components. Generating moisture content to the significant aspect (surface skin layer) of the skin of yours, Keep moisture produce for some time now. The fresh feel of the newly cut will continue. Create a mesh-like slim digital movie with a good contact overall prescription which usually elongates in accordance with the depiction. Collapse and yore is prevented by it. The moisture barrier of skin is supported by ceramide encapsulated powder. Sebum adsorbing powdered (silica) adsorbs additional sebum and also helps prevent gloss. Pack Size - 30g

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