White Dew Vita Capsule Sleeping Mask Set: Sleeping Mask 3G X 8Pcs + Vita Powder 0.1G X 8Pcs 1Box X 8Sets

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A teeth whitening sleeping mask in a beautiful bear shaped capsule which often campaigns for bright skin and also dewy in the following day morning. Formulated with plant derived Saururus Chinensis Extract, the mask can help blur dark places while repairing uneven skin tone. Loaded with Vitamin C Powder that offers an anti oxidant influence on your skin layer for instantaneous tone up and brightening influences. One way using: - Recommend to utilize twice a week. one. Prep the skin of yours with emulsion and also toner following cleansing. two. Add the Vita Powder in to the White Dew Vita Capsule Sleep Mask offer, combination well. three. Lightly spread out with the face area over the epidermis texture. four. Go to bed while not cleaning the face area of yours right after the item is absorbed.

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